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Point of Sale

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Point of Sale


We offer the most advanced Point of Sale software with inventory and stock management. You can generate quotations, sales order, purchase orders with just a single click. Our point of sale software offers advance reports based on both purchase and sales. Manage complete records of customers and suppliers and you can offer Gift cards, manage promotions and run a point based customer loyalty programs.


It provides a principal point of sale component alongside stock management, accounting and variety of modules, all deployed within a Web-based model.


With assimilated purchase orders, you can easily restock your inventory levels by ordering more stock and when you have facility to track when new items will arrive.


We can create quotations for sales and purchase A quotation can be used as a preliminary draft for an order, and the order can then be transformed to an invoice.


Manage all warehouses from central control point. Automatically scan your inventory level maintain stock level between different warehouses generate reports to avoid the situation of stock down.

Stock Management

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Provide detailed reports for your Stock, sales, purchase and services. Checkout your records by date to categorize and see which source give you more profit.

Advanced Features


POS is the solution of all integrated stock management, Purchase order, Retail & accounting. It includes Barcode scanner electronic integrator & help to keep track of all the purchase orders, Stock level, inventory reports, and a database to store customer data and products.

Distinctive Features

Manage Quotations, Sales & Purchase

Manage Multi users

Unlimited inventory management 

Advance Stock Management

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